Covid-19 and beyond…

These are unprecedented times for both our country and the freight industry and our partnerships matter more than ever as we move forward into unchartered territory. Thanks to our customers for their support over this difficult time, our agents for their efforts and our service providers, we are in this together more than ever.

UPDATE 13-Aug-20: While Auckland remains at level 3 lockdown, all deliveries will proceed as normal with the addition of social distancing and hygiene measures. If you have any concerns, please contact us

Shipments which were unable to be delivered under level four, are now able to be delivered, to help businesses prepare for reopening at alert level three next week, 11.59pm on the 28th April. If you have any queries about any deliveries or ongoing storage, please contact us.

A consequence of the closure of New Zealands borders was the drastic reduction in International flights and therefore freight capacity. The situation through level 4 was difficult but moving into level 3 we will see an improvement in capacity with an extra 56 weekly cargo flights to and from New Zealand and with more to come. These flights are part of a government short term support scheme valued at 330 million NZD, as the market recovers, the need for funding will be reassessed, 600 million NZD has been set aside for the aviation sector as part of the 12.1 billion COVID-19 support package.

If you have any air freight enquiries, please contact us for a solution and pricing. – 029 590 1637 and – 029 540 4595

The requirements at origin and destination for these commodities is ever evolving, for guidance please refer to the links below:

Importation of COVID-19 point of care test kids and materials are prohibited unless authorised by Medsafe, effective From 22 April 2020, Click here

Importing of hand sanitiser, click here

Importing of non medical face masks from China, a joint declaration is required to be signed by the shipper and consignee, please contact our office for more information.